The interdisciplinary conference Physics-Mathematics Summer Institute (PhyMSI), is a sequel to the conference "AHA-LP-CFT-MM" at CIRM (Luminy) in 2006. It will be devoted to affine and double affine Hecke algebras, the Langlands program, affine flag varieties, conformal field theory, super Yang-Mills theory and the AdS-CFT correspondence. Its purpose is to enhance the research infrastructure in these fields. This program will bring together experts in the mathematical and physical aspects of these subjects, to survey the latest developments, to bring younger researchers up to speed, and to foster collaborations and exchange of ideas.

It will be held at CIRM, Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (Luminy), June 20 - July 1, and IESC, Institut d'études scientifiques de Cargèse, July 4 - July 16

If you are invited to both segments or wish to participate, you will need to register for them separately at CIRM and IESC web pages. To travel from Luminy to Cargese, we recommend an overnight ferry Marseille-Ajaccio.

CIRM's standard check-in is on Sunday (after 5pm; cold dinner is provided till 9pm or so). The standard check-out is Friday evening or Saturday morning (+plus breakfast); the stay till Saturday morning is for an extra fee. Please see Accommodation and General Information for more detail.

IESC expects you on Monday afternoon. Their checkout is on Saturday; unfortunately, it is impossible to stay there before July 4 or after July 16.

CIRM or IESC cannot provide lodging for you for the nights July 2- July 4; you will need to reserve something yourself for 2 nights.

If you were not invited by the organizers, your registration at the web pages of CIRM and IESC is subject to their approval. The registration at IESC is at http://www.iesc.univ-corse.fr/spip.php?rubrique143; the deadline is June 12.
The registration at CIRM is at
the deadline is May 20.

For regular participants, the CIRM rate for one day (incl. 3 meals, 45 euros) in a single or double room (one person) will be 90 euros and 82 euros in 2011.

Upon arrival at IESC, the participants will be expected to pay a registration fee, unless it is stated otherwise in the invitation letters. The fee will cover expenses including lunches, local transportation and incidentals, but not housing. We estimate that this fee will be 200 euros/week, while housing starts at 170 E/week for a shared room.

Please visit the sites of CIRM and IESC concerning the accommodation, travel and other practical information.